2019 Common Election results

For 5 parent representatives

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Successful representatives
Cyrus Facciano
Selina Fihaki
Stephen Nowell
Lorraine Stone
Natalie Wright

We therefore declare the following duly elected:

Mr Cyrus Facciano, Mrs Selina Fihaki, Mr Stephen Nowell, Ms Lorraine Stone and Mrs Natalie Wright.

Emeline Api
Teresa Platt
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Meet your representatives

Cyrus Facciano

My name is Cyrus Facciano. I am standing for the Dominion Road - He Maunga Teitei School Board for a second term. I am currently the Chairperson, a position I have enjoyed very much since receiving nomination at the beginning of 2019. I would love to continue my role on the Board particularly as I have invested so much so far and I am also the only member standing again, so can maintain continuity. I am also emotionally tied to this school over my long history and commitment over the five plus years our children have attended. During this time I have; helped start Garden to Table with my wife Nicola, volunteered and supported the school in many ways building many great relationships with the staff and parents of DRS. I would also very much like to continue to support Lesley, our Principal who we helped appoint in 2017, to meet our school's strategic goals; Student Learning, Providing Future Focused Curriculum, Develop and Sustain a School Culture and Hauora,

Selina Fihaki

My name is Selina FIhaki and I am standing for the Board of Trustees for Dominion Road School. I have four children, the eldest is Sam, 19, Eleanor 17 in her last year of high school, and Neolani in Year 4 at DRS. I am married to John and much of my time is taken up with family commitments, and work

I'm currently working for a Not For Profit Organisation that works closely with Auckland's seniors and elderly, My other role is teaching Event Management to Year 12 & 13 High School Students. Prior to taking up my current role, I worked for a Media organisation as their Events Coordinator. I also worked in a local High School as the Gateway Coordinator.

When my twin girls started at Dominion Rd, We felt the aroha from this Community. We are extremely lucky to have a great school with a wonderful culture, staff, and community.

In the past couple of years, we have seen how tight knit this community is, I would like to stand for the Board and offer some of my experiences to help Dominion Road. My contribution towards the Board would be in the Events, Marketing & Communications area.

If elected, i will do what I can to ensure that Dominion Road School continues being the great little school it is. I'm excited at the prospect of giving back to DRS and look forward to the future


Stephen Nowell

I am the father of two current DRS students. I am a secondary school teacher and therefore have a knowledge of the education sector. If elected I would aim to support the excellent work of the Principal and teaching staff and try to continue the good governance of the current Board.

Lorraine Stone

My name is Lorraine Stone and I am standing for the Dominion Road School Board. I have two children at the school and have really enjoyed being part of the school community over the past three and a half years. I would like to contribute further to the school by being part of the School Board.

I love the diversity of the school. I think that it is a friendly and welcoming place, has great staff and a fantastic group of parents. As part of the Board I would like to ensure that learning is a positive and happy experience for all children and we have really well-supported teachers.

My particular areas of interest are furthering environmental awareness and action, promoting health and fitness in children, and having effective programs in place to ensure the positive well-being of students.

Useful experience from my career as a transport planner includes making investment decisions, responding to policy changes and undertaking long-term planning for growth. Other experience includes running an athletics program and coaching for primary school-age children at a local athletics club.

Natalie Wright

I think that Dominion Road is a great school and I would like to support the school and the community by being on the Board of Trustees. I have two children at Dominion Road School and have been an active member of the Friends of Dominion Road School (formerly the PTA) for the past 5 years.

I am an experienced primary school teacher and I am in the senior leadership team at my current school. I have first hand knowledge of how schools run effectively, teaching and learning for student achieivement, strategic planning, meeting the needs of a diverse range of tamariki, and the role that Board of Trustees has in governing a school.

I am able to listen to all points of view and move conversations towards a decision when required. I understand the challenges of making a school successful for students, parents, and staff, and am committed to helping DRS be the best school it can be.

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